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Tyres change


We are offering :

  • Mounting and balancing of tires and discs;

Professional, high quality tire service in terms of mounting and balancing with lasers. We solve all of the problems related with steering wheel shaking. 20 year work experience.

  • Tire repair services;

Reliable and fast tire repair. Side perforation of  tires using hot method. Guarantee provided.

  • Wheel leveling services;

Experienced craftsman level and weld any given wheel deformation. High quality guarantee.

  • Tire and wheel seasonal storage;

We ensure correct and trustworthy storing of wheels until the next season. Between the seasons we check Your tire pressure, wheel balancing and the condition of your rim. If we find any damages we inform our customers and give them an offer with discount to purchase other tires and/or wheels. Your wheels will be leveled and tires will be fixed, to certify that your time will not be wasted waiting in lines during the mounting process. Trust us Your wheels and we always make sure that You will be provided with the full service. We have huge experience in our field. Our company provides the screws, nuts, pins, centering rings and spare wheels. We also sell and repair tire sensors. We consult and provide individual offers. Mostly we try to have all our products in our shop, however if do not have a specific product at the moment, we are obligated to provide it  to our customer as soon as possible. Our shop is open 7 days a week.

  • Tires tudding;

Qualitative and quick new tire studding with Finnish studs. Studding is performed not manually, but by our stationary machinery.



Tires that are bought in JSC Balsana shop or online store  studding price is only 3,99 EUR


Important information!!!

We only provide studding services for the new tires and only the ones that can be studded. That means that tire should have holes for studs. We do not stud used tires.


For tire mounting You can register for a specific time by pho or email. Also You can come without registration. There is always a waiting line in real time.

 Contact tel.: 8-5-2753356,